The Office

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A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and tedium.



Size: 3.34 GB

Source: The.Office.S06.1080p.BluRay.x264-WAVEY | 58.57 GB

Subtitle: ENG (SDH)




Size: 3.39 GB

Source: The.Office.S05.1080p.BluRay.x264-HDMI | 59 GB

Subtitle: ENG (SDH)




Size: 2.33 GB

Source: The.Office.US.S04.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD+5.1.x264-AJP69 | 41 GB

Subtitle: ENG (SDH)




Size: 3.28 GB

Source: The.Office.US.S03.1080p.PROPER.REPACK.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD+5.1.x264-AJP69 | 56.4 GB

Subtitle: ENG (SDH)




Size: 2.76 GB

Source: The.Office.US.S02.1080p.REPACK.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD+5.1.x264-AJP69 | 45.8 GB

Subtitle: ENG (SDH)




Size: 755 MB

Source: The.Office.US.S01.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-AJP69 | 11 GB

Subtitle: ENG (SDH)


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That was fast! I was waiting for season 6, wanted to download them all together.
Thanks for doing the whole series!


just made this account to express my gratitude. thanks for s6. You’re just a little bit faster than i think. i have to train harder now. adios.


damn you are fast. i m only at middle of season 3. thanks for the effort. great quality as always. im lucky to have and watch this series with psa quality on my first time.


Hey man! Thanks so much for including the longer, producer’s extended cut in season 6 for episode 13! Really appreciate you making the extra effort for us! 🙂

Your work is the reason PSA is the best and has so many dedicated users


I didn’t realize season 5 was already up! Thanks a lot Val! <3

The Flash

I’ve been waiting for very long time. Thank you. 😊

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Hey I would like to inform that ep 01 of season 1 is not working properly. It crashes near the 7 minute mark.Please fix it.


I downloaded using the torrent link. Episode 5 and 6 also crashed. Plz check. Except ep 1,5 and 6 rest are running fine.

Last edited 12 days ago by @Amit

Ok. Then maybe they got corrupted while downloading the torrent. I will try the direct links😁

Vaibhav Raj

Thankyou so much for this , can you please do Mad Men next? It’s just a request 😄


You can find all 7 seasons by sittin’ on the dock of the BAY.
Even a DR. XJ season 1.


Season 5 just in time! My 15 days of unlimited data expires in a couple of hours. Many thanks.


Yay! Thanks for S5


Thank you!! I just completed S4. waiting for more.. 😀


The whole season in 72 hours????
Get outside and get some fresh air!!!!


Haha 😀 these are short episodes..


Thank you so much for this ❤️


Hey Valhalla, a documentary released on Netflix, Fear City: New York vs The Mafia.
Would you be doing the repack, then we will be willing to wait!
I don’t mean to be rude, it’s neither a request nor an order, it’s just a question, from a interested person, so a simple yes or no would suffice!
Appreciate the great work you do!


Can u guys do modern family first 6 seasons after the office?


this is the real amazing work … thanks you guys …you’re the definitely best


All hail PSA

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Great works as always!
If it isn’t too much to ask, could you peeps upload season 1 of “How to sell drugs online (fast)”? (A comedy-drama Netflix original based on true story, 6 episodes, 30 mins each)
The series is the most watched German Netflix Original in Germany.

S02 is getting released today, and I would love to see that as well.

Last edited 21 days ago by Dragonborn

Wow what a nice surprise! THANK YOU!!!!! Please continue with other old shows, may I request (Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, Glee, Parks and Rec) I REALLY HOPE TO SEE PSA VERSIONS OF THEM IN THE FUTURE!


You guys are uploading lots of old shows during this pandemic. Thanks a lot for this! Are you guys planning to upload more old shows?? I’ll request to consider doing The Sopranos and The Shield.

Jason Wayne

+1 to this. Always wanted to see those two


not a easily engageable show for me so slowly proceeding on. thanks a lot.


IMO the first season is rough to get through. Then the show gets really good…so just try to power through S01 and if the first eps of S02 are not to your taste, leave it.


Good choice on the comments edit, Valhalla. I apologize to you and PSA members for anything inappropriate I said – especially for a couple of very inappropriate ones. It’s easy and kinda fun to get into the banter – and easy to slip into with realizing it – but I know it’s not what the this comment section is for. I’ll try to limit it in the future.

Last edited 22 days ago by ProdigalX

Nice move, guys, putting the login link at the top of the comments again. It was hardly tragic having to go to the bottom of the page to do it, but this is much more convenient. 👍


Following up on my previous comment below,

S03E07 – Branch Closing
PSA Upload: 21:25
Netflix: 30:14

S03E19 – The Negotation
PSA Upload: 21:26
Netflix: 29:28

I know it your uploads depend on which source you use, so I am just curious if it would please be possible to explore different sources with complete, un-shortened episodes?

Thank you so much once again! Hope it doesn’t look like I am complaining!


Oh for sure, they aren’t incomplete. For these two episodes, Amazon just seems to have uploaded slightly shorter, cropped episodes on their end, whereas Netflix seems to have uploaded longer versions (including more scenes) of the episodes.

If the episodes are not available in good quality via any other source though, then that is completely cool as well! I’m sure you know MUCH better about the sources than I do haha. Thank you again!


Branch Closing was originally 21 minutes, a 30 minute producer’s cut was later released on the NBC site and on home media. Netflix had the longer version because for most of the episodes, they went with the longest version available.

The Negotiation was aired with the longer runtime to begin with so that’s an even bigger error on Amazon’s part.

Regardless, you can look around and find deleted scenes for this show pretty easily.


Hey Valhalla! Thank you so much again for uploading episodes of The Office! Several members seem to be very grateful! 🙂

Could I please ask you a question regarding two particular episodes in season 3?

S03E07 – Branch Closing
S03E19 – The Negotation

I have previously downloaded the show from other, lower quality sources and have watched it several times on Netflix so I noticed in your upload that these two episode were each edited about 9 minutes and 8 minutes shorter, respectively


Waited for so long for PSA quality but after watching two eps not for me. Thanks for the upload though


I’d say suffer through season 1 and enjoy the rest of the season


sweet, thank you


I downloaded a full 9 season x265 pack into my multihoster cloud 3 years ago, with hopes of getting to it soon after. I only dl’ed season 1 to my computer, watched 3 or 4 episodes, and then, even though I really liked it, let it slide until now. Too many current shows and movies to keep up with, plus a couple recently unfrozen from storage. Fortunately my ISP is offering 15 days of unlimited 4G data for an additional € 6 till the end of August, so I’ll get the PSA packs as they come out.


already middle of the season 2 and keep freshing this page for season 3. thank you psa. im lucky, my first time with this classic, with psa quality.

Doc MaKS

Wait… Patrice O’Neal in The Office….??? R.I.P.


Man, that guy was a real pisser. Whether there’s a heaven or hell, he’s probably given someone in there the angry pirate already.

They wanted him back for more on this show but in typical Patrice fashion he just couldn’t be arsed.

Jason Wayne

Thanks a lot! PSA are the best in terms of filesize to quality


Now this is a real comedy show, Thanks you so much!! 😍
Hope to see Seinfeld here one day. 🙌

Last edited 29 days ago by NikhilPatel

I remember in the olden days there would always be THAT GUY who’d post “FIRST!” into a comments thread, if indeed that person was first.

I guess “FIRST!” has evolved into, “Is there a 1080p version coming?”.

Pay me no attention for I am just an old rambling fool…
Get off my lawn.

Red Hand Devil

Numerically, it wasn’t too long ago, Bax: 20 odd years. Generationally, it’s light years away, though. I still keep in touch with shitloads of Ol’Skool Bro & Sis Pirates. Many set-up sites to give the Family another home, after many sites shut for differing reasons. Heartbreaking. Members ball-busted any new entitled & demanding Members & they soon wised the fuck up & showed respect. Those days are long gone with the present entitled Gens. They don’t give a flying fuck & never will, Bro!

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A:8 V:7

Uhtred of Bamburgh



Thank you for the upload. Was waiting for you guys to upload. If you could do same treatment to HIMYM it would be amazing.

Uhtred of Bamburgh

they did it three or four yeas back search and see


Been waiting for a PSA quality of this for a long time.
Thanks so much guys.


By the good grace of Valhalla is there a 1080p version coming?


one of the greats
thnx guys


Thank you to the PSA masters, That’s what she said! 😉

Last edited 30 days ago by argonaut56d

Thanks.. Looking forward for rest of the series…


I already have it but I’m gonna download this anyway. The PSA print!!!


Oh what a treat! i love you guys! Sorry I’ve been out of action for a while now, hope things are well doc and valhalla 😀

Red Hand Devil

Classy as ever, Brother 👊

Red Hand Devil

Faw Kinnell, Bro – such a brilliant surprise & a massive relief, more importantly. You had me really worried thinkin the worst – because when we last chatted, you were going through a pretty rough patch with health issues etc. & that must surely have been around the end of last year?!

How are ya, Brother? Your Ol’Skool Original Member PSA presence has been hugely missed by those that know & love ya 👊✊

I can speak for everyone on here, by saying: Peace & Love to ya ✌️❤️


Thankyouu Valhalla, I’m doing great 🙂 works good, and got a little family going now, and thankyou Red Hand Devil, hope everything is good with you aswel <3


wait for the rest.😃❤❤


Thank you SO much Valhalla! 🙂


wow that was unexpecting. i was planning to watch it for a long time. i did today, thanks to you. (al least the first season) cant wait for the rest.


I’m not offended by homosexuality. In the ’60s I made love to many, many women, often outdoors, in the mud and the rain… and it’s possible a man slipped in. There’d be no way of knowing


classic creed 😂


This is long awaited. Thanks guys. Please upload house MD as well

Albert Eggstein

OMG..!! OMG..!! Thank You so much Val and Doc 🙂🙂 😍😍❤️


Thank you

Vaibhav Raj

Hey thanks for the encode!!!!
Are you planning on doing Close Enough and Infinity Train from HBO MAX?


Thanks PSA.


Thank you.