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Some people aren’t familiar with our new download system. So, we decided to create a little tutorial to avoid confusion.

Getting to the links is easy. We don’t want to put you through a lot. This is all about the surviving, not the revenue. Please understand.

That’s all.

Important notes:
-Please keep that in mind, through this process, you don’t need to download and/or subscribe to anything. If you see a message forcing you to do so, you should know that is just an ad, nothing more. close it. Regardless, you should always have an Antivirus with strong firewall installed on your system, for your own security.

-If you noticed the counter isn’t started, just click on it. This usually happens when the window loses its focus due to a subscribe message or other things.

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Can anyone tell me what should I do after downloading Part 1 and 2. Please explain it to me.

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Extract with winrar or similar software.


Should I select both files and press extract or can I extract them separately. Will the video merge then?


Just extract part 1 it will do the rest.


Hi, i use Jdownloader. But it is very slow the downloading speed. compare to the original hosting. It is slower. Why is that? also, I use a premium link generator called debrid-link. it even very slow when I download via Jdownloader. Do you have any idea about that?

Doc MaKS

Ask in the JDownloader official forum.

Ari G

Hiii, i’m so new at the download and I have a big question. What I need to do when I have the TORRENT key? Where I can put it so I can download the content?


google “uTorrent” or “bittorrent”

dk superstar

How to combine video files on android downloaded from your site
Plz reply thanks


I’ve never done it on Android, but I assume it’s just like on a windows PC. All parts should be in the same folder, and you just start extracting from Part 1 with whatever compression program you use on Android. The program should find each part and automatically continue extracting the whole file. Needless to say, make sure your storage space has enough room for both the extracted file and RAR files until you delete them.


Use RAR app from play store.
Follow ProdigalX’s steps


Hi, I don’t know where to ask but, I’m visiting this site via my mobile phone. since the announcement about new domain appear, is it only mine or the recent upload, recent comment and what’s hot section that usually at the bottom after series list is remove to the top of page (after the announcement) ? so i have to scrolling until the bottom of the page to see the series update.

thank you


Should be fixed now . thanks for reporting .


Back to normal now thank you


Guys…i’ve been using Jdownloader for while now…but i noticed that even if a file is present on uptobox, i still can’t download using Jdownloader….please advise


Make sure everything is up to date, both Jdownloader 2 and the Uptobox plugin.


I tried updating everything… Still any file present on uptobox, can’t be downloaded using JDownloader coz it’s showing ‘offline link’… Well thanks anyway


I don’t know then. My downloader is Jdownloader 2, but I rarely have need of it anymore. It’s been months now, and it’s been even longer since I last used it for Uptobox, maybe a couple of years.. Your best bet would be to check out the JDL2 support knowledge base or their forum.


Maybe it IS offline? A dead link?
Often, Uptobox is the last to go down, but it still sometimes dies.

My JD2 downloads one uptobox link per 2 hours, at a capped rate of around 300-400 kbps by default with zero hassle.

to download more links without waiting tho, i have to use a VPN like psiphon (I would love it if anyone has better suggestions. Tried Proton, but unable to funnel JD through it), and after that’s turned on, go to settings>connection manager>Automatically detect proxy.


So maybe you just need VPN to start with.

Also don’t forget to delete that proxy from the connection manager in the end. Or else your linkgrabber will say EVERYTHING is offline xD

Doc MaKS

Try changing http to https


how to merge separate files together after download? & why u didnt put it all in 1 file for download !? 4k file


Use winrar . extract first part it will use the rest .


tnx dear


I’ve been getting this WordFence message this morning that is blocking access to PSArips:

“Your access to this site has been limited

Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a few minutes. (HTTP response code 503)

Reason: Exceeded the maximum number of page not found errors per minute for humans.”

I had to proxy out to the US in order to get to the site. Any idea what this is and what to do?


Whatever it was, it is now working again. 🙂


Hey there, I’m not seeing any options on where to choose a shortener, but from what I’m reading it tends to be due to being flagged as a “guest. Though I am seeing it say “Member” under my name here. Can that be fixed? Thanks.


That option is long gone .


Hi PSA, there is no captcha on the ICutlink, LcFc or ShrinkMe link pages, I used to just bypass them and go for the fourth option but that seems to be down tonight “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.” is the message I get. Just so you know there is NEVER a captcha on the ICutlink page no mattter what website I’m using. I’m using FireFox ver. 69.0 on an Imac using High Sierra ver. 10.13.6 All content/ad blockers are off including your PSA page. Any help would be greatly appreciated


I am also not getting captcha box with adxfly / clx


There is no captcha on it .

isn’t working, it never gives the captcha box to solve. When trying to get the same file from my phone I got another service and is able to solve it and get the links.. Is there a way that we can select a different skippable server rather than the above mentioned?


Hi guys, so sorry to bother you, but your RSS feed does not validate. I believe this has to do with your recent change over to the .eu domain. Apparently on this occasion, the absolute links in the RSS feed have been replaced with relative URLs, which breaks all RSS readers for Firefox that I tried. If you could have a look at this, it would be terrific! Thank you so much for all that you do!
(Oh, and apologies for posting this information on a weird place, but Contact Us doesn’t work.)


Should be fine now .


How to download from ?


i think the best shortener it’s because it’s very easy to pass and without popunder


i didn’t know where to say this, so here i am.
the dynamic search engine is awesome 🙂


Glad you like it .

Masked Rider

Argh! Are any of you guys getting Voxc instead of Clicksfly. I am getting right now and it just gives new add pop ups forever, never the link page.


i finally got mine to work … i re-enabled adblock on Clicksfly and now can get to the link page !! 🙂

Masked Rider

It’s not Clicksfly that is the problem. They cycle through a few different equivalents. One of them is Voxc. Voxc isn’t working for me. I get to the “get link” green box, and then all that button does is endlessly spawn pop-ups. I tried turning adblocker back on, and nothing changed.

Then only thing I can do is try again later and hope Voxc is cycled out of the rotation.

Red Hand Devil

A heads-up to Members from the UK who have encountered non-access to Zippyshare these past few weeks or more:

“Popular file-hosting service Zippyshare is unavailable throughout the UK. Contrary to widespread rumors, ISPs are not responsible for the ‘blockade.’ Instead, it appears that Zippyshare itself is actively blocking UK visitors, intentionally or not. Without any official word from the operators, the question remains; why?

Founded in 2006, Zippyshare has gathered an impressive userbase over the years.

While early competitors such as Rapidshare, Hotfile, and Megaupload, are now long gone, the free file-hosting service continued to thrive.

The site currently has millions of visitors per day from all over the world. There are also significant numbers hailing from the UK, where it is one of the most-used download portals not currently blocked by a High Court order.

However, starting a few days ago, UK visitors are no longer able to access the site. Instead of the usual download page, they are welcomed by a “403 forbidden” error message in their browsers. This remains the case today.”

Masked Rider

Now Zippy is gone from PSA for the rest of us. 🙁

It was my favorite.

Why is it gone. Just because it didn’t work in the UK?


I will explain this for a thousand time . Banned my country , can not upload on it . wont freaking open . end of story.
I work hard to put so many goddamn links , why not use other ones ? but no you just have to complain .


Hi Val.

Easy to see how irritanting answering this Q repeatedly has become.

But unless a member has already seen one of your prior replies in the comments section of the same (or much more likely, a completely different) TV show, then they will not know. And you are consequently soon going to be asked again.

Why not save yourself a good deal of this annoying repeat hassle by posting this info in the announcements column?


We cant make an announcement every time a host kicks the bucket .


Yes, new announcements every time wud be consuming. U have posted fab D’loading guide info. Cud a well-placed, easily referenced link/list of formerly used, now dead hosts also be created? Lattery just adding another like Zippy to that wud hopefully result in reducing ur merry-go-round crap somewhat.
Please delete this afta viewing it. And I won’t message on this again. This is OBVIOUSLY ur site to run as u wish, & I don’t want any assuming I think otherwise. (Just trying to help).


Helpful member . thanks . I wish everyone was like you .
You think people would read such a list ? 😂😂
I wouldn’t bet on it .


No , not if they cud easily avoid doing so. 🤔

By “well-placed” I meant stretching to all four corners of the screen.
At the base could be “Yes/No link buttons which posed the question “Have you read this information?”.
“No” would send you back to the top of the list/page, whilst “Yes” would result in random/rotating messages such as “But did you read it PROPERLY?” and “You lying fucker.” and then being sent back to the top of the list/page top once/twice more … 😃




Red Hand Devil

You damn right bust yer balls providing us all with so many File Hosters. They’re top-notch & mostly all free, too, man. We’re all so thankful to you for doing so & helping us all out; so don’t let a wayward comment distract you from thinking otherwise. Thanks very much, Brother 👊✊


Zippyshare was really good but PSA direct download is the next best thing!

Masked Rider

@kartick13. PSA download links error out for me all the time. They start downloading and then stop with a error message after a short time.


For some it’s perfect . its best used with VPN disabled .


I have also found that it behaves better (for me at least) if I use https rather than http.

Masked Rider

No VPN. I tried another one today and it fails with “network error” after about 10 seconds. Might be my country or my ISP.


Hi, I want to download ” The Brave ” Tv series. But Once I go through all ads and finally click the link, the file not found. In each and every link it shows. the torrent file also not working. Please upload a file “The Brave”.
Thank you


Is it me or clicksfly is having issues?


Thanks for the options guys. Appreciated.


Thanks For Giving Us Choice! Linkshrink Was Acting Weird Without VPN, Dwindly Works Fine, Thanks Again 🙂


Just to add additional details to my earlier post.

For me, when the setting is set to:
wicr, it goes to Linkshrink then it takes me to ads – no links
Linkshrik, it goes to Linkshrink then it takes me to the links
dwidly, it goes to dwidly then it takes me to the links

When not logged in, it takes me to Linkshrink, then ads – no links


Maybe just me but the second shortener for me is Linkshrink even though I was logged out and when I looged in, it was still Linkshrink. Check the settings in profile and it said wicr. Just an FYI.

Masked Rider

Thanks for the link shortener choice. Wicr was causing all kinds of issues for me, but Dwindly works fine, so now I can stick with Dwindly. Thanks!

Zen Mortal

I just wanted to say thank you thank you THANK YOU!! One of the best changes for us little users. I understand it may not last, but I love it so far! I hope to donate to you guys again soon.


Hey Admin, Admin Colour Scheme & Favourite Shortener both are not working.. I tried different schemes(midnight, cofee etc. and shotener (wicr, dwidly & Linkshrink) but only default scheme and clickfy is everywhere. After changing it schemes works fine wp-admin module but not on main website or any posts.. and all download links are clickify


Thank you . if only people could read .


Hi, I want to download ” The Brave ” Tv series. But Once I go through all ads and finally click the link, the file not found. In each and every link it shows. the torrent file also not working. Please upload a file “The Brave”.
Thank you


So download it. I just looked at e01 and e13 and both have live links. Not checking more for you but the odds look good.

Red Hand Devil

Why are you posting in this page & not the actual page for the release you’re referring to? i.e.

As Brother Lynx has highlighted & there’s no need for me to check (that homie is always on-point 👊), I had a feeling there’d be working links for the whole/only Season & a quick check on Eps 3,6,9 & 12, pretty much rubber stamps it, bar the Eps I haven’t checked: 2,4,5,7,8,10 &11, which is how you can spend some belated time on – time you should have spent earlier, instead of posting in wrong page & falsey declaring dead links.

I’ll give you a wild guess as to which File Hosting Site is active for all the links me & Lynx have checked for you. I’ll give you a clue, too – we only checked one Hoster, because it’s always the ever-reliable Hoster & the regulars always go on about it 🧐


Choice is always good, Thank you for giving us options to choose from!


I thought being logged in would speed things up a bit, but it makes no difference, so why bother to log in anyway – except for posting a comment…
Not a complaint, just an observation.
I really love and appreciate your work, you guys rock!


they never said logging in would speed things up
but it still makes a difference coz u can choose which ad shortner appears after clicksfly ad
educate urself son. eat some facts!


Thanks mate, never thought about geographic location. You’re right, the shorteners all just work fine for me, but “vive la difference”.
Especially if it helps others to use this site and participate!


No matter what I select i my profile (with update ofcourse), everytime link opens a ClicksFly, which for some reason doesnt work for me 🙁 (I have no “I am not robot” window with check button under Firefox/IE)


Ad-blocking off globally? Then try clearing cache and cookies. Try another browser. Use a VPN or proxy.


I don’t have any adblocker under IE. Weird…


Use an actual browser . who uses IE anymore ?


I don’t use a profile for downloading, but I had problems with Firefox and the shorteners way back. They all seem to work fine with Srware Iron (which is chrome source with all the Googleware stripped out).


Thank You so much for adding LinkShrink. The fastest one of all. Really appreciate the extra length you guys go for us dimwit’s.


Linkshrink for me is by far the best option that I find of the 3 options. thanks for giving the options that you have. much appreciated


Glad to hear it .


To be honest until today I never had signed up the site. But after read about I could choise Linkshrink in profile I just had to do it.




Since the implementation of the new ad shorteners, I am unable to retrieve links. I get through the Clicksfly and the Wickr/Dwindly, but I cannot choose anything whatsoever, I get redirected every single time to some weird ‘’ website, which seems far from legit. Possibly an issue for Mac users, although I tried Safari, Firefox and Opera and it’s the same everywhere.


Thanks for the reply, but it does not work, the timer is stuck on the wikiall-site. I also noticed that I do not get an option to choose after I go through Clicksfly, it automatically sends me to somehow?


Change the shortner in your profile . tested and works .


Also, make sure you’re using a pop up blocker in your browser.


This is same thing is happening to me to (Mac User). I have no idea where you can “change the shortner in your profile” ?? There is NO option to do this at all!!! Please explain how you access your profile , because everything you gusy have listed is NOT working for Mac users.


lol , doesnt matter which OS you use . you can change shortners in your profile settings .


Yeah , didnt notice because i use panel to read comments. But it’s written in the damn announcement , LOGIN . so create a user and you can change it .


Where??? I don’t understand where you can change this option? I’m logged into my account & I bring my cursor arrow over my account name (in the right hand corner where it says “Howdy, Mystic Vybz” & the only options that pop open are my name “Mystic Vybz” & Log out. I’ll again bring my cursor over My name and nothing opens or there is no option to alter my account (Ex. changing which shortner to use etc..) Can you please explain why i have no option to change shortner or what I am doing wrong ty.


I’m not sure why the “Guest” status. I would guess it’s one of two things. Either you left something out when registering or the PSA team hasn’t yet approved your registration. It’s been a very long time since I registered but, if I recall correctly, they send you an email asking you to set your password. Would I be correct in assuming that you have registered only within the past 24 hours?


I have no idea why it was set to “guest” I have been using this site for years & had made a account as soon as they added that option. Don’t no why it never got switched to a full member. Valhalla changed it & now everything works fine so it was totally the “guest” thing that was frustrating me & not giving a option to change shortner. Ty for replying & trying to help me out. 😀


Yes i’m logged in but no menu slides down to edit my profile? Thats what i’m so confused about how… How can i change different shortners when there is NO option for me to do so??. Is the issue that i’m a guest?


, yes i have tried this numerous times but NO menu slides down to “edit my profile” How do you change from a guest to a member? I have logged in a few times now & there is never a option to be a member? I’m stumped how to get this to work any help is greatly appreciated…


Check now . should be fixed for you .


, TY, sooo much, works perfect now 😀 Switched & downloads are working perfect again.

psa site welcomes all kinds of unicorns, whether u identify urself as a gay dolphin or meat sceptre it doesnt matter. oh yea mac guys are welcome too i guess


HAHAHHAHA!!! This comment lol!! I guess the issue was… I was just a guest not a full member. So there was no option to alter my account (Ex. changing which shortner to use etc..) . Valhalla changed my account & everything works fine now. Thanks everyone in this thread that help me figure this frustrating situation out.

Tyler Durden

As far as I am concerned it only takes less than 60 seconds to obtain a link ..It is very easy actually..You just have to get the right thing for it..Dwindly is fine for me..I have to use a vpn in link shrink in my cellular connection..
I don’t know how some people got a problem with this thing..If they want quality with no ads , then they can take a vip tag…That’s it..
You guys are doing great.. I just wish that you guys have to release Band of Brothers , Breaking Bad , or some popular movies remastered all in 10Bit… I just love your Hard work & Dedication…


I appreciate it. It’s gotten to the point here lately that all I get from Dwindly is “Microsoft virus warnings”. Either the separate login box tab or the in-page one during the 5 second link countdown that stops the countdown at 2 & causes my browser to freeze up.


Dwindly works perfectly for some people . the reason we did this was to stop complains , but i dont get it why some still complain . use the other one .


Before this, I didn’t have the choice. That’s why I said thank you. 😀


The new login structure/choice makes things so much easier.


Thank you for this , srly I DO FCKING LOVE YOU !
dwindly gets my anti virus crazy due to java adware and intrusive code from that site :/


Just WOW!! I can’t believe how committed you guys are to bringing the best possible experience to everybody!

Personally, I never had any issues with any of the shorteners, but the idea is brilliant nevertheless!


“let us know what you think”

Here is some info so far,

dwindly is still infected so i (and i imagine many others with eset) can’t use it but when i try to change to Wicr option it still shows dwindly

linkshrink option works but not 100% sometimes it needs to be opened 3-4 times and hope it works… this is the only option for me (like many others) since the other two options don’t work at all.

Suggestion, change to linkshrink as default since dwindly is still infected or many guests will… well you know.

ps why have donation option yet still use not one but two shorteners?! Are things really that bad…


ps If you donate you wont see shortners.


My reply did not show so i’ll try again.

Isn’t the main goal of donations supposed to be to support you and not to remove shortners? I hope you (and many others) see it like that, yes?


I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING . donation removes shortners . please do not reply further .

Amakye & Dede

Bro have you tried excluding dwindly from ESET list of blocked addresses and list of addresses excluded from content scan from URL ADDRESS MANAGEMENT in ESET…….


Don’t be discouraged by ungrateful people getting stuff for free. let them go away to other sites. You guys bend over backwards to make this place work. Thank you.


Linkshrink 1st, dwindly 2nd, wicr didn’t load… but never liked wicr


Problem on their side . we’ll see what happens.


Great idea about the shortener.
Never had a problem myself but it must have been very frustrating for you guys to hear negative feedback whenever you tried to resolve issues by changing shorteners.
God have mercy on the first gobshite to complain that “none of them work for me…could you please add another option”


Nice, thanks very much


Thank you for adding code letting us choose between link shorteners. I could go back to dwindly and thus avoid getting stuck with the ‘notepad style’ text that the default brings up


Didn’t face any issue with Dwindly, so go for it!! Never had problem with until now, it redirects to some wikiall page and had to refresh it a couple of times to start the counter. And also thank you both!


New Link shortener choice idea is genius


Thanks .


Man, it really sucks that besides your efforts to encode and upload an amazing amount of quality videos for us you now also have all these other hoops to jump through with shorteners and such. Except for an occasional temporary glitch I myself have had no difficulties with the shorteners, or I have managed to find a workaround until the problem goes away. But bravo to you both for your efforts to find solutions to these problems, and a huge thanks for all that you do. I hope this method with the options will provide some sort of lasting solution for everyone.


Allowing us to pick our poison so to speak, best idea to get people to their links. And the implementation is super well done. Great work team!


Link Shortener of our choice better idea.


oh shit! thanks a lot dr.xj for allowing us to choose what shortners we would like to use. for me dwindly works perfect, thanks guys


Love the new shortener option. Chose Dwindly. Works perfectly.